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When a primary care physician wishes to refer a patient to a specialist, the process can be quite complex. Making a paper referral, or having the patient call to schedule an appointment can lead to delays in patient care, and take extensive amounts of time. Using an electronic referral system, such as eReferralPro can help to streamline the process, making the entire journey for both the patient and the physician more efficient.

At the time that the patient is in the office of the primary care physician, information can be gathered electronically, and sent directly to the specialist. There is no need for a great deal of additional processing by the receiving nurse or practitioner. Supporting documentation is also securely stored and can be easily transferred for specialists to review.

Medical care is only becoming more complex, and, for most specialists, the gathering of information and scheduling of patients for consultations eats up much of the office time. Eliminating the need for extra work by relying more heavily on electronic referral systems, like eReferralPro can help any physician take their patient care to the next level. Instead of having continuous interruptions in patient care, by having to collect information manually or send and receive documents through the mail or via fax, helps to close the loop in medical care and get the patient and physician connected much more effectively.

With eReferralPro, all parties involved will have a simpler task. Patients are seen more quickly, and the specialists have all of the information necessary to provide quality care. Far less time is used during the referral and scheduling process, allowing physicians’ offices to operate with greater efficiency and less cost in terms of payroll hours for processing the referrals.

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As the medical profession becomes more and more specialized, and insurance companies are placing higher demands with often lower reimbursement rates, efficiency is critical. Using eReferralPro can eliminate much of the extraneous work that is required to get a patient referred and seen by the specialist, allowing more time to be devoted to patient care. Quality is increased, while costs are kept down because eReferral allows for such a streamlined process.

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