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Buena Digital is very excited to officially launch eReferralPro, an online electronic referral system for health care agencies.

eReferralPro is an easy to use web application that allows health care agencies to manage all patient referrals sent in by physicians or clinics within or outside their network. Referrals are input via the website and they are automatically assigned to a nurse through its intelligent routing engine. eReferralPro can also be used to manage patient referrals for clinics that still use faxes as their primary method of processing referrals. What's makes eReferralPro unique is that it doesn't force you to submit supporting documentation in one particular way. We have setup the site to work the way you do, with what you have.

Imagine that…no more manually processing faxed referrals, cutting referral processing time drastically. Lost or missing referrals will be a thing of the past since referrals can be tracked throughout the entire process. On top of that your agencies’ paper and printing costs will be reduced dramatically.

Need to integrate with existing EMR? No problem. We have a highly secure API that can be used by your EMR to get the data when you need it.

We will be using the blog to put up all kind of good content relating to eReferralPro and how it can help your organization save time and money while helping your patients get the care they need faster than ever.


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